Kim came to see us to straighten her smile which wasn’t bad and her teeth were essentially healthy.

So why didn’t we just do braces? Two reasons; firstly Kim had already been through braces and her teeth relapsed to this position as often happens when straight teeth don’t necessarily have a balanced bite, the teeth simply shuffle themselves around until they are balanced and unfortunately for Kim this led to the crookedness at the front, secondly Kim had severe erosion of the enamel on her two front teeth and this lost enamel needed to be replaced.

Four porcelain ceramic veneers provided the very best solution for both problems. Without altering her bite we were able to both realign the crookedness and laminate the eroded teeth with ‘VeneerOdontics’.

Dr Ahlowalia offers cosmetic dentistry including porcelain laminate veneers & white fillings, general dentistry including dental crowns, CEREC same day crowns, dental bridgework & dental implants. He is a 6 Month Smiles, Clearstep & Invisalign registered orthodontist and a tutor of Functional Dentistry, TMJ & TMD bite disorders for two American dental institutes. Dr Ahlowalia has been featured performing smile makeovers and full mouth rehabilitations for the Extreme Makeover UK television show and is a renowned facial aesthetician offering anti wrinkle treatments using Botox and facial rejuvenating dermal and lip fillers for comprehensive facial aesthetics.

Dr Ahlowalia’s practice is located in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire and is just 35 minutes by train from Central London.

His dental practice serves Biggleswade and the surrounding cities and towns, including; Bedford, St. Albans, Cambridge, Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage, Sandy, Hertford, Royston, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City & St. Neots.

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